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Online Robotics Courses, For Free!

A robot who appears deep in thoughtIf you are out here on the Internet looking for information, then you know it is useful. If you are on this site, you most likely are interested in robots as well. Good news! I came across a couple of MOOCs today that you might be interested in. What’s a MOOC? It’s a Massive Open Online Course. The ones I found are being offered by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. If you want to really dig into robotics and learn more about how they do what they do, QUT is offering two online courses that are open to every one. Did I mention these are totally free training courses online?

Introduction to Robotics

The Introduction to Robotics course is a six week course that help students “understand the fundamental mathematics and algorithms that underpin modern robotics,” according to Peter Corke, a Professor of Robotic Vision at QUT. The following YouTube video is from

Robotic Vision

The Robotic Vision course is also a six week course will introduce you the algorithms and mathematics that are the foundation of computer vision. Every wonder how a robot or computer can determine the size, shape, position, or color of objects? This course can provide some answers. You’ll actually build a vision system that can recognize objects of different shapes and colors.


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