Programmable Robot Kits

 Programmable Robot Kits

JD Humanoid Robot
While doing research for my last post, I found a wide selection of really cool programmable robots. I really like the appeal of an autonomous robot that has to do its best to be self sufficient. I’ve been into technology for decades and I’ve decided I am going to build my first robot starting with a micro-controller like the Arduino and electrical components.

But if you want to get started with robotics at a higher level, EZ-Robots is definitely worth a look. There are currently three models in their Revolution line, JD HumanoidRoli, and Six. JD is a humanoid biped, Roli is a tracked rover, and Six a six legged crawler.

 Beginner Robotics Kits

These kits are great if you want to quickly assemble your robot and work on getting your robot do do thing. There are several more models under development that their web site states as “Coming Soon”. They include the Adventure Bot, a 2 wheeled robot with a camera, Galapagos Bot, a 4 legged turtle-like robot with a camera, and a few wheeled or legged creations designed for battle! The Elastic Turret Hexapod is a 6 legged robot equipped with a dual servo powered turret that  aims and fires rubber bands. The Battle Flipper is a 2 wheeled bot with a an attachment that flip another similar bot and there many other add-ons that you can try as well. Finally, the EDI Mech Warrior is a 2 legged robot with a rubber band firing turret.

Educational Robot Kit

For the more creative and adventurous there is an EZ-Robot Developer Kit that has enough parts to create robot from scratch.  It includes a Wi-Fi robot controller, an ezrobot camera, 4 heavy duty servos, 2 continuous rotation servos, a battery holder and more. The features available with this kit are many and include speech recognition, vision tracking, mobile device support, to name a few. You will definitely learn a thing or two about robots if you use this kit.
Control your robot with your Smartphone
The kit components, called EZ-Bits, connect together easily with “Clip’n’Play Technology” and the EZ-Builder software to program them is drag-and-drop simple. The software can be enhanced to add new behaviors to your robot. There is also a community of people who have saved their enhancements to the cloud and you can download tons of enhancements for free.

The EZ-Bits can even be 3D Printed directly from the EZ-Builder software. If you have a 3D printer, that’s great. If you’re like the rest of us and don’t have one (yet), you can tap into the 3D Printing Community Service. The website helps you find someone with a 3d printer that is close to you in over a dozen countries.

The company was founded by DJ Sures with the goal of making robots today like the Apple computer was in the 1980’s, simple for all to use. No PhD required for these kits. It all seems pretty amazing and was surprised to find that the company based right here in Calgary. I may have to check them out in person!

Mark Crosby


  1. Cool site, I have always been a fan of robots since i first saw Lost in Space….”Danger Will Robinson!”

    I had the fortune, or misfortune depending on how you look at it of working with some law enforcement and military robots. I was part of a design team that developed an exercise scenario and we also got to see it play out as evaluators. Cool stuff.

    Best Of Luck,

    • Hi Shawn,

      I am sure you have some interesting stories that you’re not allowed to tell anyone. I’ve been looking for information on robots used for security but haven’t found much yet. The only one I’ve come across so far is the Knightscope K5 robot I mentioned in http://myrobothelper.com/will-you-retire-with-robots.
      I expect we’ll see more as time marches on.


  2. Who wouldn’t love to have their own robot? I think my son is gonna love this article, so I’m gonna send him the link. Thanks so much for the information you have here.

    • Hi Debra,

      I am glad you enjoyed the article. The EZ-Robots look like a lot of fun. There are more videos on the website that show some of the amazing behaviors that can demonstrate with a few clicks of a mouse. Thanks for sharing the link!


  3. Hi Mark. The EZ-Robot is so cool. As I never see it in Malaysia, I think probably this robot is sold in US and Europe? I did see the robot which is created by Honda company and it was so cool. I really hope I can buy one. Thanks for introduce us about the educational robot kits. I enjoyed a lot reading your post.

  4. I am interested in opening a store robot with an educational section on the robot or initiation to robotics. And I am looking for suppliers. Would you be able to offer me something interesting.

    • Hi Jean,
      Thank you for your comment, but I don’t have any supplies of my own, but MakerShed has tons of stuff and there’s always something on sale. There’s a link to their sale items in the right column.

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