What is the best robot vacuum?


Relax while your robot cleans

When most people think about robots in the home these days, a robot vacuum cleaner is probably the first thing that comes to mind. The Electolux Trilobite was the first robot cleaner put into production in the late 1990, but it wasn’t until iRobot launched the Roomba in 2002 that they commercially successful. Since then additional makes and models have been introduced into the marketplace. With so many choices, the question now is “Who makes the best robot vacuum?” Answering that question depends on what factors are important to you.

Feature and Capabilities

You can find vacuums for your home from iRobot, Neato, Yujin, Infinuvo, Techko, Tech-Gadget, and iTouchless. All robot vacuums aim to suck up all the dirt, dust and detritus created daily in your home but the technology and techniques they use achieve that goal varies. Some map out your rooms, others methodically move back and forth, and others randomly drive around the room. Some will clean on a schedule you set up, other wait until you tell them it is time to clean. Most robot vacuums can handle either carpet or hard surfaced flooring and can focus on a spot that may need some extra attention.

PicaBotAs competition among manufacturers heats up and technological advances are made, the list of additional features grows. Battery and full bin indicators, cliff sensors, virtual walls and boundary markers and remote controls are just some of the things you can get with certain models.

In upcoming posts, we’ll take a closer look at today’s top robot vacuums and newer models that show promise.


Mark Crosby


  1. Hi
    This a great product , I need one like this for my house, I really fed up of sweeping all the time!

    • Hi Daniella,
      Thank you for your comments. Please let me know if you end up getting one and what you think of it.

  2. I worked at BestBuy back in my high school days and I remember selling these things. We also had one actively rooming around the store so people could see that it really works. I’ve always been a bit skeptical but I’m thinking they have come a long way since then.

    • Hi Joe,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, they have come a long way, but they still are fodder for comedians. I am sure iRobot cringes whenever that happens.

  3. Very interesting concept these robot vacuums. I’ve heard of them, but never tried one. Are they rechargeable or do they take batteries? Do you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Ed,
      I am sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Most models have rechargeable batteries and a home base that recharges them when they are not cleaning the floor. The batteries are usually a special battery pack, not something you can get off the shelf at the checkout line of the supermarket.
      iRobot’s Roomba used to be the only real choice, and I think they are still the most innovative. But there are very competitive products available from manufacturers like from Neato and Infinuvo these days. I’ve posted a couple of suggestions in the blog, please check them out!

  4. I’ve been watching this technology grow over the past several years and have been interested in purchasing one of these for a long time. My fear is that a robot vacuum may be more of a gimmick than an actual real useful household cleaning tool. Have not been able to make that purchase leap yet. I’ll keep an eye on your site!

    • Hi Dave,
      The initial offerings may have had some limitations, but the machines are getting better all the time. So many technologies are on an exponential growth curve that things like sensors, processors, and the algorithms they execute get significantly better over the years, not just marginally.
      I think you’d be surprised what they can do now and in the future.

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